Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cuzco to Lima by Bus

The distance as the crow files? Three-hundred-fifty-five miles. The time? Twenty-four hours. That's an average speed of under fifteen miles per hour. Much of the drive is on twisty mountain roads through the Andes mountains. It's possible to drive for a long time in the Andes and not come to the end—or out the side. It's a really big set of mountains, I've noticed.

Our bus driver would have been fired if he were driving a limo (in the States, at least). He charged into all the corners fast, hit the brakes hard, and then took all the corners as fast as he could. It was uncomfortable, at least on the top deck of the tall double-decker bus, especially with lots of steep dropoffs to the side. Moreover, the stewardess wasn't very friendly and the dinner was sub-par, even for a bus. Not a great drive for me, despite the beautiful scenery.

However, I arrived in one piece, food in stomach, belongings in backpack, backpack in bus. Could've been much worse.

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