Sunday, October 26, 2008

Adios, iPod #2.

When I went on the tour in southern Bolivia, we spent hours and hours in the Land Cruiser. On day one or two, our guide, Juan Carlos, asked if anyone had an iPod. The vehicle was equipped with a wire tapping into the stereo by which we could listen to music from a portable music player. I volunteered mine, having a Latin Favorites list that I really like.

Juan Carlos liked my favorites, too, and asked for my iPod on the last day. We listened on and off over the course of the day. After arriving in Uyuni, everyone got their stuff out of the vehicle to find a hostel to stay in. I forgot my iPod in the vehicle. Presumably, our guide, Juan Carlos, forgot it, too, because he drove off with it.

I e-mailed the tour company the next day and, surprisingly, got a response a few days after that. Juan Carlos had already left on another tour and hadn't mentioned anything about an iPod to his boss. The company was going to check with him after he got back and possibly send me the iPod here in Lima.

I haven't heard anything since. If anyone goes on a tour with Tours el Grano de Oro from Tupiza to Uyuni, please kick Juan Carlos's ass, get my iPod back, and mail it to me. I'll pay the shipping and give you a big kiss.


Anonymous said...

Che, yo estoy dispuesto a patearle el culo a Juan Carlos si vos me pagas el viaje a Peru.
Traeme una camiseta de Boca y un fake Rolex y te lo pago aca.
PS: Saludos a Juan Carlos.

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Jay said...

El tour empieza en Tupiza, Bolivia.