Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blind Dog

Perro Ciego I was reading in the park one day, as I got in the habit of doing here in Salta, when I noticed a fairly good sized sound reinforcement setup effort under way at the outdoor venue nearby. Long story short, a local group, Perro Ciego, or "Blind Dog," was to perform that evening. Their vocals aren't exactly my cup o' tea, but they're all good musicians. The kids up front were going nuts, jumping around like loonies. It bordered on dangerous. It was pretty fun to watch, and a little hairy to photograph. I thought it was humorous to see dogs walking around (or lying down) on the stage. Another funny thing—for power, they ran a wire up to the nearby phone pole and tapped right in to the power along the street. That's Latin America for you—the dogs and the power. I enjoyed the concert.


Both of these songs were recorded by me at the concert on an M-Audio Microtrack II digital audio recorder.


Fans. The ubiquitous street vendor, this one selling pochoclo, or caramel corn.Little fans.  Perro Ciego Crazy fans! The common fan, a teen. The common fans, teens. The common fan, a teen. The common fan, teens.

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