Sunday, March 16, 2008

We Reap What We Sow

I probably should've posted this a while back, but better late than never.

Back in Rio on one of the nights I went Salsa dancing, I danced with a local gal who was nice and patient with me. She spoke some English and so we chatted for a bit after the dance. She said there was a nice BBQ restaurant near where I was staying, so the plan was to meet there for lunch on Sunday.

I gave her my card with my contact info so she could send me an e-mail and we could make arrangements. I never heard from her.

I found out later that she had actually used my card. She had gone home and read a bit of my blog. Specifically, she read my post entitled My Drug Habit. Apparently, she decided that she didn't want to associate with someone who did drugs. I almost started crying when I heard this, as I was laughing so hard.

Little did I know that a witty post would cost me a good BBQ lunch. That'll teach me to be funny.


senloe said...

I don't know which was the bigger loss; the Brazilian beauty, or the BBQ. I do love some good BBQ.

so what I would like to know is how you found out about this?

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess there's one woman [out of how many billion?] who believes in the principle of Facebook = Face Value.

Hey, look at the bright side; she probably has a suspicious Pere who makes locos gringos vanish after dancing with his beautiful daughter.

Well, maybe not; but keep smiling anyway. Are you going to travel thru the Andes mountains? That could net some very interesting pix [after all, the trip to the unspellable waterfalls netted some very good ones].

Just do us all a favor and don't try to broker peace between Columbia and Ecuador, you might end up talking to a certain Mr. Chavez instead [although he's probably too busy lighting Havanas with one-million-peso bills, the way things are going]. Bon chance!


Anonymous said...

So true, good thing you quit taking most of the drugs!! Even though they were really vaccinations, oh well it is still true,

Galatians 6:7 "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap."

Of course there may be a good side too, maybe the BBQ would have made you sick?

ps did you buy a motorcycle yet?


Jay said...

Good question, Steve. :)

My Carioca friend whom I met online before coming down here tipped me off. He's the one I went to the dance place with and this was a girl he knew. I wondered (to him) why she didn't write and he asked her about it the next time he saw her at the dance school. He can testify. I had to wipe my eyes after I quit laughing.