Sunday, March 23, 2008

There May Not Be a Free Meal, But There Almost Is

The other day, a bunch of us—the brazilians and I—went to the big shopping mall, Shopping Abesto, of which I wrote previously. It's in Balvanera, one of 48 barrios, or neighborhoods, in Buenos Aires. For reasons with which I won't bore you, we got separated and never did end up reconnecting.

I was with Thais (pronounced tie-éesh), who is from Belém, Brazil, and we eventually got hungry. I figured the mall food might be on the expensive and ordinary side, so I suggested we head down the road a few blocks to see what was there. After walking in a random direction for only a block or two, we spied a restaurant across the street.

Long story short, between two meals, we had: a steak, some chicken, two salads, a heap o' rice, and two bottles of pop—the 650ml variety, which is a pretty good size. I was tempted to make you do the math, but I'm a nice guy, so I'll do it for you. I was so blown away that I kept the receipt. As you can see, the bill, which, when we asked for it, was created on the fly by out waiter with pen and scratch paper, has the numbers on it. Divide by three and you get just over nine dollars. Let me try to relay the full impact of the situation.

Less than $10 for a steak, two pieces of chicken, tons of flavored rice, two salads, and two bottles of pop. Can you say barrato? That's freakin' sweet!

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