Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Uruguayan Cuisine

  • I have determined my favorite restaurant in Paysandú, Restaurant Artemio...right across the street from Plaza Constitucion. Just had a steak topped with a cheese sauce and onions with some lovely—don't worry, that's as sing-songy as my food reviews get—rice on the side. All that and a bottle of Coke for about nine bucks.
  • Hamburgers here are a bit different than those back home. Besides the usual toppings, they have a layer of egg—basically a simple omelet—and may also have a slice of ham. Pretty darn good. I think I'll start making my own burgers this way in the future. A burger (we're talking a good one), fries, and a bottle of Coke go for about $4.50.
  • I'm getting into the habit of finding the closest bakery each morning. These are common and the pastries are outstanding—baked fresh each day. As with the aforementioned items, they are cheap. This morning, I bought four small pastries for about 70¢.
  • My first night in Montevideo, I went to a nice sit-down restaurant recommended by both my taxi driver and the hotel staff. Had a couple Cokes, fries, and a good steak. Paid $20. Not worth it. Good steak, but not that good.
  • Went to a big Sunday market called Tristan Nevarra in Montevideo. Had a sweet hamburger and Coke for $2—the best deal on my trip so far.
  • The tostada is a staple here—basically a grilled ham-and-cheese sandwich.

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