Friday, February 22, 2008

Onward and, Downward

I left Rio on Tuesday along with a Belgian, two Swedes, and a mid-westerner. We took a bus from Rio to Iguazu Falls—it was about a twenty-four-hour trip, but the bus was very comfortable.

The five of us—plus two Norwegians—went to the falls yesterday. We took a boat ride on the Lower Iguazu—that's the river after the falls—and actually drove (does one drive a boat?) under the falls. It was very hot out, so that cooled us off nicely—and pummeled our faces with stinging high-speed droplets of water.

The falls are expansive and amazing. The volume of water dropping over the edge is staggering, as we witnessed after walking to the part of the falls known as the Devil's Throat.

We were there during the middle of the day and there are constraints on where you can walk, besides the crowds everywhere, so the pictures I got are underwhelming, but a bit of fun. I took advantage of the underwater case for my Panasonic TZ-3. It worked nicely.


Anonymous said...

OK, it's cinema travelogue time!

Great shots of the falls, especially 513, never seen that much of the falls all at once. That angle hasn't been used in a movie, but it should have.

608 looks like the place where "Fr. Julian" was buried under a pile of rocks in "The Mission" - you know, the spot where a pre-Jedi Liam Neeson tells Jeremy Irons, "It was our territory; Julian's and mine."

476 and 857 look like where Roger Moore unfurls a hang-glider and flies off to an appointment with a beautiful girl and a snake, while Richard Keil does a swan dive into the mist in "Moonraker".

Hope all the camera gear made it back with you! I couldn't help but wonder if there was enough water inside to short out all of the electronic guts.


Jay said...


For the shots where the camera got really wet, it was inside an underwater case, so no problem there. It got a little mist on it in a few other instances, but came away unscathed. I used it later that night and it seemed to function normally.