Friday, July 25, 2008

Onward and—Westward

Nadia I went back to Buenos Aires just to get my package—the stuff that had been stolen from me a month-and-a-half earlier. I ended up working, renting an apartment, learning to dance Salsa (again), and making loads of good friends. My stuff also came in the mail.

All good things must come to an end, so about a week ago, I bought a bus ticket. Yesterday was my last day in Buenos Aires and I saw two of my closest friends. It couldn't have been a much better last day—except if it had been longer! I spent several hours with Nadia, a Tango fanatic, math whiz, and all-around sweetheart. To end the day, my friend Adrian showed up at the bus station just a few minutes before I left. I saw him out the bus window and ran down to give him a kiss—that's the way we do it here—and hug good buy. We were able to chat for several minutes before I had to go.

Adrian I boarded the bus for Córdoba, Argentina, and we pulled out of Retiro, Buenos Aires, at 10:00 PM. We arrived at the bus station in Córdoba at about 8:00 this morning. I grabbed a taxi to the hostel at which I had previously made a reservation, then got a couple hours' sleep.

At about noon, I headed out for a walk, for some photography, and for a bite to eat—just wanted to get a feel for the city. I ended up spotting a bunch of teenagers sitting around on milk crates outside a corner store playing guitars, singing, and just hanging out. They all attend a high-school just a couple blocks away and can be found in this very spot every day during their lunch hour(s) doing this exact same thing. They were very laid back and friendly. They pointed out some spots on my map of the city that I should visit and even made a few suggestions for other parts of the Córdoba province (there is a city in each province in Argentina with the same name as the province). They told me about a club at which one of their bunch will be playing in his band tonight. I bought a ticket from him—7 pesos, or about $2.25, double that at the door, a beer included—and will head out of the hostel for the party at around 11:45.

Getting some sightseeing help. Right now, I am in the city of Córdoba which is in the province of Córdoba. Next week I'll be heading farther west to the province of Mendoza, and, coincidentally, to the city of Mendoza, where my friend Dina, whom I met when studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, is continuing her studies at another branch of the same school. She's from L.A. and is quite the character. She's a good friend.

I got a ride from one of the students and her boyfriend to the big mall in town roughly a mile away. After I checked it out a bit and got lunch in the food court, I walked back to the hostel, taking in the sights and snapping a few shots along the way.

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Anonymous said...

Hola Felipe! soy Aida, remember me?? Encontre tu blog, y photographic design. Estoy sorprendida, me encantaron tus fotos. Sos un genio de la fotografia. Me alegro que hayas llegado a Córdoba bien. Es madrugada de sabado y recien llego de clases de la salsera, se extrañó tu presencia. Nos dejaste un lindo recuerdo.
Voy a seguir tu viaje por tu blog.
Muchos cariños,