Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On the Agua, Day III

Cotopaxi By 8:00 in the morning, we had headed back inland and things had calmed down again—what a relief. Breakfast was the same as yesterday—which is to say, just fine.

I took a refreshing nap later in the morning (after the usual briefing) and then got up, put my shell (i.e., windbreaker) on over the top of my fleece, and went outside to take pictures of Cotopaxi, a Greek ship whose captain first sold off its cargo of sugar in Argentina, then grounded and tried to sink his ship here to collect the insurance money. Unfortunately, when he brought the authorities back to the scene of the crime, the found his ship still sitting there, but with no sugar on board. He was thrown in jail.

The weather outside was downright tough, between the crisp temperatures, the light rain, and the blowing wind. I have to admit that it made me think ahead about a month, or so. Actually, with these conditions, maybe it won't be quite a month! The warmer latitudes are sounding mighty good right about now!

Just passed through the most narrow segment of the trip, eighty-something meters Another good lunch, a relaxing afternoon of reading and studying a little Spanish, a good dinner, and the movie Happy Feet made for another relaxing and enjoyable day. I must admit that at least part of the reason this particular post is so short and detail-starved is that I'm finishing it a couple days after the fact. The specifics are all blurring together.

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