Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First Day Synopsis

A few months ago, I posted a question at a travel forum regarding using professional photo gear in Rio. A fellow named Fabio responded with some good advice. He's a cariaoca—a native born Rio de Janeiroite. We've since become friends. I brought down some camera gear that he ordered from B&H in New York and had sent to my house (both cheaper and faster for him), and he picked me up at the airport. Later, I went for a stroll around Copacabana and Ipanema and had lunch at a buffet-style restaurant which had chicken, roast, potatoes, chicken cordeau bleu (not nearly as good as Arby's), mango, papaya, and loads of other stuff. To end the day, I went to Samba/Salsa dance classes with Fabio that he takes weekly. I just watched and took a few photos.

Hostel life at el misti hostel in Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval, 2008 The hostel where I'm staying is mellow and boring, as one would expect a hostel to be in Rio during Carnaval. Not! It's full, noisy, and rowdy. In my room are a Dane, three Swedes, and a Brit—and the American dude. I've also met a gal from Virginia and another from England/Scotland. Not sure who everyone is, but I do detect some additional foreign accents and languages.

To get an idea of the melodies emanating from the house, listen to this audio clip. Apparently, there is some additional benefit with which I am not familiar derived by having to yell to the person next to you to be able to communicate...ergo, the loud music.

It's somewhat hot and muggy here, but tolerable. Off to bed.


North Georgia Gal said...

Hi Jay,

Caught your blog link off of a dpreview forum.. anyway - glad to see you are off on the adventure.. Beware sleeping in hostels, speaking from personal experience... valuables can disappear very easily from there - and oh yea - don't sleep on the trains or buses unless you have a buddy that is awake watching your stuff for you.. found out the hard way in Thailand a few years back...

Otherwise - I am making bets with my husband on what camera gear you manage to make it back with.. I now only travel with P&S..on our extended 90+ day trips..

Safe Travels..

Jay said...

Hey, North Georgia Gal.

I'll be interested to hear what your bets were after I'm done travelling.

I've got the pacsafe 85 to keep my gear secure when I sleep or can't keep an eye on my gear. It helps prevent people from slashing the pack and lets you secure it to a fixed object, like a train seat or a bed. We'll see if it works!

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...
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