Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Update From Latin America

I know some of you are wondering where I am. I haven't been updating my blog regularly, as I've been moving fast, and photo editing and writing the blog take loads of time. There will be a lot of blanks I'll have to fill in after I get home—which should be in less than two weeks.

I'm currently in Puebla, Mexico, with my friends Tim & Barbara-Lee Glessner. If you want to see where I am at any given moment, either look at my facebook status or check my travel map. I try to update both of those regularly.

The remainder of my trip may look something like the following: go to Mexico City tomorrow for the day, go to Tequila for a day, go to Durango for a day, head up to Los Mochis and take the train through Copper Canyon getting off in one or two places for a day (horseback riding?), then take a bus to Ciudad Juarez, cross the border, and hitch a ride to Seattle.

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